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January 01, 2012

editing wars

sometimes maggie and i like to have video editing wars. today's project: footage from hang glider hill. dingo logged his first solo paraglide yesterday and we were there to capture the occasion.

my video [iBelieve] is inspired by serial facebook posters and sentimental spammers. maggie's edit [a swinging safari], is inspired by dingo's pendulating waltz to earth.


  1. I feel like I have been uncomfortably placed in a position to judge between the two of you. I say NO! I don't want any weirdness the next time we hang out for choosing one over the other. They are both very fun to watch. I call it a draw.

    Fox, are my eyes playing tricks on me?? It appears your video is filming a miniature least the first still frame. What form of trickery is this?

    Wolf, very professional! It actually played on my emotions and prodded me to start my list of resolutions for the year...promises I then made a goal not to keep.


  2. Wow, funny how pretty much the same video can elicit such different emotions based on the sound that goes with it! Makes you think doesn't it?

  3. stingray, go ahead on and judge us, but one of us will be giving you the silent treatment next time we meet. the miniature village effect (thanks for noticing!!) is a form of trickery called "tilt shift." it can be created using a tilt shift lens or applied in post processing. in this case i created the effect in adobe after effects. neato!

    marcia, in elementary school my class watched footage of an alligator crawling out of a swamp, first with scary music and then with silly music, each definitely eliciting very different emotions. ps if you were emotionally moved by myron's vid, you can consider yourself part of his inspiration group ;)

  4. Both inspiring and educational. I had to hit pause to confirm, but it was news to me that Dingo is a "swinger".

  5. Well, I'm going to go with foxes Interpretation, I liked watching the whole flight. Plus R Kelly is hard to handle. If I didn't know wolf like I do, I would have missed any irony or comic relief. Well done to the both of you, and Dingo!

    The more important Question is... Can I do this too?

  6. shane, you can do anything if you believe in believing.

    hound, dingo would like to know if your comment is an invitation.