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January 04, 2012

i'm fox and i approve this message

today my life is back in swing. I'm hitting the gym, checking headlines, tuning in to my favorite political pundits. today the country is returned to its frenzied state of political brouhaha. i contrast this to the past three weeks of my life. the three glorious weeks of christmas vacation, during which time congress vacates washington, political pundits abandon the airwaves, and my mind is temporarily freed from the hubbub of it all. 2012 rang in enthusiastically with us. it's the year of the dragon, i'm a dragon, and 2012 is myron's favorite year. 2012 also rang in 40,000 new laws. that is 40,000 new federal laws. for a republic that is designed to be bottom heavy [local at the bottom, federal at the top] this seems a tad excessive. the g.o.p. of late is accusingly referred to as the "party of no," meaning they inhibit anything from happening in congress. i'm not a party loyalist [my political principles align most closely with libertarianism], but i would gladly support a legitimate party of no. a party of no would frustrate the passing of 40,000 new-year laws that get drafted by lobbyists and signed by politicians and usually result in the loss of freedom and/or prosperity for the average voter [the voter who ironically elected the politician who created the law that grimly affected their life]. our legislative process is a check & balance system that is meant to filter out frivolous laws. congress is not meant to be a slip-n-slide for pork and pet projects, crony capitalism or crony socialism. only the best of laws should survive congress. when less is happening in the federal government, more freedom is happening in our lives. and to quote george michael: freedom: it's the one good thing that i've got.



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