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December 27, 2011

parents party

Twas the 9th night before Christmas and all through the house our soirée was swinging and so was my spouse's red blouse. Atmosphere - your parents' Christmas party or Old Spice before it was rebranded as hip. Highlights: signature s'mores fondue, "sweet tooth" white elephant gift swap that boasted a 74 year old lady's extracted sweet tooth, eggless-homemade-nogg, digital fire collage, wapping paper photo booth & so much merry more... 
- Wolf 


merry merry!


  1. A very glad gathering . . . but HOW did I neglect to get a picture taken with Beckam and Asher!?

  2. love the animated photos (GIFs I presume)! just so sad i had to miss the party!! no pictures of the marshmallow roast?