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June 06, 2012

went to church. found a farm. what is with these chickens?

i love movies that incorporate cartoon characters and real people. like mary poppins or bedknobs and broomsticks. i love even better when this happens in real life. enter: rooster. this rooster rules. he rules a roost of chickens boasting pompoms atop their heads. rooster, did i mention, is wearing feather boots. when we stopped at muscoot farm [enticed by the farmer's market on site] i was not expecting to step into an enchanted storybook. but we did and there you have it. next time we take a sunday drive we will steer to the forest which i am now certain is filled with bouncing adventuring bears. 

**other photos. friendly cow, stables filled with webs which i am now certain were spun by charlotte, fresh blueberry pie.

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